Indoor and Outdoor Pools

Telfs, AT

  • Site area: 22.600 m²
  • Floor space: 4.800 m²
  • Built space: 28.000 m³
  • Water area indoor: 650 m²
  • Water area outdoor: 510 m²
  • Outdoor space: 15.000 m²
  • Units: Indoor and Outdoor Pools, SPA & Sauna and Restaurant, 2 beach volleyball courts

Initial situation

2 sites should be explored as alternative locations for the new indoor and outdoor swimming pool and should be conceptually planned. The decision was made for the indoor plot with the existing indoor and outdoor pool. This should give way to a replacement new building.

Location plot

  • in-situ location
  • south-oriented slope with mountain panorama
  • park similar property with old trees

Design idea

The design is characterized by the terrace-like design and positioning of the main areas of use from saunas to swimming pools to lounger terraces with free-standing areas. Material and color design in the interior and on the building envelope reinforce the integration into the environment The functional separation between the sports swimming pool, non-swimmer area with children's pool and wellness area prevents user-specific conflicts of the main stake groups families, sports swimmers, rest and health check.