Vivaldi Waterpark Slide Tower


  • Site area: 10.500 m²
  • Floor space: 2.200 m²
  • Built space: 7.700 m³
  • Water area indoor: 60 m² (Sky-Pool)
  • Units: All year round Adventure Slide Park: Family Twister Slide, Racer Slide, Tornado Rocket Slide, Lilly Flower Slide, Wheel Slide

Initial situation – particular feature

Extension of existing Vivaldi Indoor Waterpark with year round use for slide attractions on given site area.

Location plot

Very cramped plot area. Necessity of modular design. Intended realization during ongoing operation.

Design idea

Connectivity Slide Concept with different adventure customer accesses from existing pool hall on different height levels. “Skywalk Access” from existing slide tower to “New Slide Tower” and “Water Access” from existing rafting river to ground floor “Tube-Walkway”.

The entire slide and Walkway System is designed as a “Molecular Structure” with different useable spaces on various levels according to their functional necessity.

Design Elements

  • Tube Walkways and Skywalks
  • “Lentils” shaped landing and walkway junction structure
  • Large landing pool of Lily Slide with partly glazed roof
  • Summer skywalk bridge connection to existing restaurant terrace
  • Tube walkway connection to existing Restaurant/Café next to the lake promenade
  • Illuminated Rooftop Sky Pool with 22 underwater beds, pool platform height 24m