Indoor Island Waterpark

Dana Bay Resort, SA

  • Site area: 20.400 m²
  • Floor space: 9.400 m²
  • Built space: 44.200 m³
  • Water area indoor: 1.400 m²
  • Units: Indoor Waterpark, Promenade, Shops & Restaurants, Water-Taxi Marina, Parking Area

Initial situation – particular feature

Extension of the existing Dana Bay Holiday Resort with a new iconic Indoor Waterpark and including taking under consideration islamic cultural aspects.

Location plot

  • Manmade Island location
  • visual proximity to mainland
  • street connectivity to mainland

Design idea

The spatial translation of these design processes resulted in a dynamic elevated building structure following the visitor flows from the mainland to the Island. The building structure allows the visitors to access the Water Park with most possible privacy by opening up the building structure (external building ring) at the entrance point. Covered by a pearl shaped transparent or translucent membrane roof structure the building can be illuminated at night in different colors to stress the iconic design near the waterfront of Dana Bay Resort.