5 Elemente SPA Natura

Bad Tölz, DE

  • Site area: 9.000 m²
  • Floor space: 2.500 m²
  • Built space: 11.200 m³
  • Water area indoor: 200 m²
  • Water area outdoor: 180 m²
  • Outdoor space: 3.000 m²
  • Units: 5 elements spa, restaurant, physiotherapy, private spa

Initial situation

A new SPA and health facility “Natura” is to be built on the riverbank during the construction of the SPA district in the SPA town of Bad Tölz as an important tourist and infrastructural facility. The health facility orients to 5 elements: wood, fire, metal, water and earth.

Location plot

  • Riverbank
  • Noise-exposed street
  • Very small and narrow site
  • Tree population with Biotope to be protected

Design idea

The integration of the biotope belt into the entire concept was essential. 5 elements with architectural perception was the aim of the approach. Main, secondary and traffic areas were implemented with equivalent design qualities. This architectural and meaningful interplay is perceived consciously and unconsciously when experiencing and entering the spa.